Founded in 2016, LORA is a premium local fashion designer studio. Here at LORA, we reimagine timeless aesthetics for a modern era, creating original dresses and designing unique pieces that are accessible to all. 

But our passion goes beyond great clothes. Since day one, we’ve championed values of female empowerment and inclusivity. We’re dedicated to serving our community by celebrating their stories and offering a full range of sizes.


Liaman Mikail founded LORA in 2016. The story goes that she began her career in the fashion industry in the distant past. When she decided to start a business, she picked up a name starting with the first letter of her name and the first letter of the studio. 



In LORA, you can also find a carefully selected LIFE section containing the best of fashion and art, as well as the world's largest fashion style trends, with new photos that are regularly added. Thanks to the elegant simplicity of LORA design, LORA is a celebration of the quality of simple design.

Our Magical Hands

Sometimes you need a little outfit advice. Our talented team of LORA designers are at your service! From bridal fittings to wardrobe reboots, they offer dedicated styling help that’s fast, friendly, & totally free.

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Liaman Mikael

Co-founder and designer

coming soon

Our Awesome Team!

coming soon...

Our Awesome Team!

Developed by designer and founder Liaman Mikail, the Lora brand, which has entered the world of fashion with custom designs and handicrafts, already offers new ideas to satisfy the taste of its customers.

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